3 Digit Combination Padlock Black Number Luggage Travel Code Lock

Option: Black


  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Color:  Black, Blue, Green, Silver, Red, Pink, Purple 
  • Size:    22*13*57mm
  • 1 x Padlock        
The lock is set at the manufacturer's preset of 0-0-0.
1. Turn all three dials to 0. Matching against the line.
2. Push the black button at the bottom of the lock with a pen until completing the next step.
3. Whilst the black button is pushed, please choose your 3 digit code. Remember if the black button is released, that will be your code. Whatever the code is when released. You might want to get some help at this point or put the pen against a table or your chest might help.
4. Once you have your code Release the black button. Your code is set to what you chose.
5. If you want to change it again, repeat above but this time starting with the code you chose. 

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